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Promotional Packages Services we provide with Exclusive Discount Offers

Basic Plan



  • One Dedicated Email to 125,000 national based members (worth $500)
  • A Newsletter Digest Listing (in the top 10 listings) for 1 week to 125,000 subscribers (worth $150)
  • Web Banner on website for 2 weeks (worth $50)


Standard Plan



  • One Dedicated Email to 125,000 national based subscribers (worth $500)
  • A Newsletter Digest Featured Listing for 1 week to 125,000 subscribers (worth $250)
  • A Newsletter Digest Listing (in the top 10 listings) for 1 week to 125,000 subscribers (worth $150)
  • Banner at top of Newsletter Digest – 2 issues - to 125,000 subscribers (worth $200)
  • Web Banner on website for 3 weeks (worth $75)


Premium Plan



  • One Dedicated Email to 125,000 nationally based subscribers
  • A Newsletter Digest Listing for 3 weeks to 125,000 subscribers
  • Web Banner on website for 1 month
  • One FEATURED LISTING at top of Newsletter Digest to 125,000 subscribers
  • Banner at top of Newsletter Digest – two issues - to 125,000 subscribers


Create custom Package Personalize Your Event Promotion

  • Dedicated National Email


    Have your event sent as a dedicated email announcement to 100,000+ selected national subscribers.

  • Newsletter Digest Feature


    Showcase your event on the top of the HARMONY CONNECTS newsletter sent to 100,000+ subscribers every other Wednesday. Plus, have event showcased as a top recommended event on the calendar website. Must be pre-approved.

  • Newsletter Digest Top 10 Listing


    Display your event in the HARMONY CONNECTS newsletter in the top online section (within the top 10 events) going out to over 100,000 subscribers every other Wednesday.

  • Banner ads


    Promote your event with display banner ads on the HARMONY CONNECTS calendar homepage. Your event will also be visible on all other event pages in your selected cities.

  • Banner At The Top of Newsletter Digest


    Get your banner featured in the top section of the bimonthly HARMONY CONNECTS newsletter digest going out to over 100,000 subscribers every other Wednesday.

  • 2nd Reminder Dedicated Email


    Have your event sent as a dedicated email announcement to all HARMONY CONNECTS subscribers who opened your 1st dedicated email. Can only be purchased with a dedicated email purchase.

  • Dedicated Northern California Based Email


    Have your event sent as a dedicated email announcement to 45,000+ selected Northern California based subscribers.


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Online Calendar


Posting your event on our online calendar is FREE and SIMPLE!

• Maximize visibility & audience engagement through our rich promotional tool set.


• These simple steps will create your unique Events Calendar Page that you can edit at any time:


1. Click “Sign Up” to open an account 

2. Go to the CREATE tab

3. Follow the prompts to add a Live Event, Online Event or Community Offering

4. Upload event info, description, graphics, links, and videos.

Promotional Newsletters


Reach the masses with targeted email marketing!

• Feature your event or offering in the Harmony Connects Newsletter Digest.

• 100,000+ reach in San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, the West Coast, nationally and beyond!

• Harmony Connects Newsletter comes out twice per month, every other Wednesday.

• Promote as a Harmony Connects Dedicated Announcement reaching 100,000+ nationally based subscribers or 45,000+ Northern California based subscribers (published 2 to 3 times per week).

Major Media Posts


Expand your reach even more!


Easily get your event featured across multiple media plateforms for maximum exposure. Fill out our media form which will collect all the relevant information related to your event and we will post it locally to the appropriate areas or to all the worldwide media establishments such as:


• Local newspapers


• Other online calendars


• Other email lists


• Email groups

HOW TO PROMOTE WITH Harmony Connects

What can be featured on the calendar website and in the email newsletter digests?

Harmony Connects Website Calendar and Newsletter features the finest transformational events, festivals, conferences, concerts, film showings, workshops, and well-known spiritual teachers, as well as online transformational and educational events and programs in Northern California, the West Coast and beyond.


In the Community Offering menu, Harmony Connects also promotes and supports important community causes, local benefits and keeps the community informed with key information to assist towards living in Harmony.


What is the size and demographic of the email database?

There are 100,000+ members on the Harmony Connects Community Database and it grows by thousands of members every month.


It was originally created from the attendees of Harmony Festival, which ran for 33 years in Santa Rosa, CA and was attended by more than 30,000 people in 2011. It was founded and produced by Debra Giusti, who also founded and currently manages the Harmony Connects calendar and eNewsletter.


The heart and essence of Harmony Festival lives on through the Harmony Connects event calendar and newsletter. It continues to attract thousands of dedicated subscribers each year through subscriptions on the online calendar website, and its ongoing valuable offerings such as free ticket giveaways and discounted tickets.


What does the Harmony Connects Newsletter Digest and Dedicated Announcement Email look like?

Example of HARMONY CONNECTS Newsletter Digest - January 30, 2019:



Example of HARMONY CONNECTS Dedicated Announcement - January 23, 2019:



How do I add an event to the calendar?

These simple steps will create your unique Events Calendar Page that you can edit at any time:


1. Click “Sign Up” to open an account 

2. Go to the CREATE tab

3. Follow the prompts to add a Live Event, Online Event or Community Offering

4. Upload event info, description, graphics, links, and videos.

When is the deadline to get included in the Harmony Connects Newsletter Digest?

The deadline to get included in the Harmony Connects newsletter digest is the Friday before the newsletter comes out. The digest is featured every other Wednesday. Available newsletter dates will be indicated in the advertising proposal.

When are the Dedicated Announcements scheduled?

Dedicated Announcements come out approximately 2 – 3 times per week and can be scheduled on a space available basis, through submitting a promotional contract online or requesting directly with your Promotions Assistant or by emailing:

How do I get approved for a Newsletter Feature?

Newsletter Features are listed on the top of the Newsletter Digest and are one of the most prominent ways to promote. The event is announced at the beginning of the subject header and always includes a promotional offer. The Newsletter Features are chosen based on the type of event, so they are appropriately aligned with our values and members.


We also choose Newsletter Features based on the promotional offering that is given, which can include Free Tickets, Promo Codes or another offering that are members would appreciate. Once you are chosen you will be able to decide on your promotional offering for the newsletter.

How is the Web Banner utilized in the promotion?

The web banner is featured on the website calendar, chronologically by date. You can also have the web banner featured at the top of the newsletter digest email.


Can we offer a Promo Code to boost sales?

Promo codes can inspire ticket sales and be promoted in the featured newsletter section, within a newsletter digest listing and on the events landing page. Please submit your promo code information when you upload your event to our calendar or when you submit your promotional contract to:

How do I contact you for support?

FOR ANSWERS TO ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS, or to get support with creating your proposal contact email: Or call Debra Giusti at 707 – 249 – 0205

Are there any special arrangements that can be made to support getting more promotion than the budget allows with opportunities such as Ticket Trade, Cross–Promotion, and other creative arrangements?

Yes! Creative collaboration is available by special negotiation. Inquire at:

Can I increase my promotional outreach by promoting on Debra Recommends also?

The Debra Recommends Newsletter Digest reaches 50,000+ members in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, and comes out 2 times per month, every other Wednesday, on alternative weeks to the Harmony Newsletter Digest.


The Debra Recommends Dedicated Announcement emails reach 25,000+ members. This community database grew from Debra Giusti’s personal community and transformational events she has produced over the last 45 years, including as founder and co-producer of the Harmony Festival for 33 years.


To find out about promoting on Debra Recommends go to:

Additional Promotion also available on Transformation into The New Paradigm eNewsl

Transformation Into The New Paradigm eNewsletter is sent nationally and internationally as a Dedicated Announcement approximately 5 times per week to 60,000+ subscribers that are interested in New Paradigm realities. The demographics includes people nationally and internationally that are interested in cutting edge spiritual information and teachings and the ever-emerging New Paradigm that is evolving on the planet and through humanity now. The eNewsletter promotes Free Tele-Seminars, Online Courses, E-Books, Conferences, National Spiritual Festivals, Transformational Events, Retreat Centers and much more. Example of Transformation Paradigm eNewsletter HERE.

Who is Debra Giusti?

Debra Giusti has experienced over 45 years on the leading edge of the ever-emerging new paradigm culture, both locally in the San Francisco Bay Area and internationally. An entrepreneur since age 22, Debra has grown a series of businesses supporting personal growth and transformation; healthy and sustainable lifestyles; leading-edge spirituality; and community connection.


She is a prominent positive force, continuing to develop new businesses that support the emerging new culture, and inspiring the development of deep community. She founded and created the Harmony Festival for 33 years which began in 1978 which grew to 30,000 participants in 2011.


Then she created the Harmony Connects and Debra Recommends calendar website and eNewsletter’s, Transformation Paradigm eNewsletter, and Temple on Pleasant Hill in Sebastopol California. Find out more at Grab a copy of her adored free ebook "Activate Your Soul Tribe" here: 

Who is on the Debra Recommends Team?

Lindsey Morriss

Executive Assistant * Creative Services Coordinator * Co-Designer

Lindsey is passionate about building bridges to spread solutions, connect change-makers and empower communities to live in harmony with each other and the planet. She plays multi-dimensional roles in all facets of Harmony Connects including business planning, website design, email and calendar management, ticket sales and giveaways, graphic design, affiliate management, copywriting, editing, customer service, social media and more. Lindsey is also a Dancing Freedom™ facilitator, regenerative culture event producer, spiritual counselor and healer. She believes supporting people in gathering for transformational events both in person and online is a key ingredient for creating a better, safer, more coherent world that we all know is possible.


Jessica Guyle

Executive Assistant * Affiliate Manager * Social Media Manager

Jessica is a nomadic, project guru traveling around North America while living in the moment. She believes love is power and finds her highest connection to be between animals and nature. Jessica’s roles include project, calendar, affiliate and ticket sale management, customer service support, social media and promotion, and so much more. 


Patrick Riley


Patrick Riley is a community organizer and entrepreneur involved with over 20 years of experience in business development, event production, and marketing in the California, Bay Area and abroad. He has owned and operated numerous businesses and organizations including a restaurant/nightclub, wholesale baking company, event marketing and production management company, and a nonprofit educational organization.